Custom Cookbooks Ready-to-Order from Health eCooking®

Customize one of these award-winning cookbooks for your organization.

Custom cookbooks from Baldwin Publishing are filled with easy recipes and beautiful photos that make America’s favorite foods healthy. These cookbooks are timeless promotional items that put your brand in front of your target audience over and over again.

Choose your Cookbook. Pick a Cover. We’ll add your Logo.
Unlike most health giveaways, people keep cookbooks forever. Your customized cookbook increases awareness of your organization while encouraging healthy eating behaviors. Branded cookbooks include messaging to support your campaign goals and increase engagement.

Features of Baldwin Publishing’s Custom Cookbooks:

  • More than 100 pages of healthy recipes
  • Full-color photographs for every recipe
  • Recipes created by professional chefs in the Health eCooking® test kitchen
  • Registered dietitians approve recipes for healthy diets
  • Your branding and messaging

Choose from our Collection of Popular Themed Cookbooks.
We’ll customize your cookbook’s front and back covers. You can also add pages that feature information about your company or additional recipes. Plus, we offer direct mail services so your cookbooks can be delivered quickly and easily.

Heart Healthy Cookbook

  • More than 100 recipes that are good for your heart
  • Registered dietitians reduced the fat, sodium and calories of popular dishes to comply with American Heart Association dietary guidelines
  • Each easy-to-prepare recipe includes a mouth-watering photo

Diabetes Cookbook

  • This 128-page cookbook is filled with delicious recipes that comply with American Diabetes Association dietary guidelines
  • Popular recipes are developed with less carbohydrates, fat and sodium
  • Tested in the Health eCooking® test kitchen and photographed in our studio kitchen

Vegetarian Cookbook

  • Includes delicious recipes for vegetarian dinners, energizing breakfasts and healthy desserts
  • Many people today are interested in eating more vegetables and fruit and reducing meat intake
  • These custom cookbooks are popular for breast cancer awareness promotions, community events and health promotions

Healthy Kids Cookbook

  • This customizable cookbook includes economical, nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy
  • Every recipe is quick, healthy and fun to cook at home
  • Bright and colorful food photos make you want to order from the kids’ menu

How Insurance Companies Use Cookbooks

“We ordered cookbooks for our Employee Wellness program and used them for raffles, giveaways and gift bags.”

– Program Manager, Employee Wellness, Horizon BlueCross Blue Shield.