Recipe Licensing

Recipe Licensing

Fresh recipe licensing content engages visitors across your website, blog, Facebook and Instagram

License more than 1,000 syndicated recipes from the Health eCooks test kitchen.

Baldwin Publishing’s recipe licensing content features white-label recipes and big, beautiful food images that consistently drive traffic to websites and keep online visitors coming back for more.

We create Health eCooks syndicated recipes, food images and ready-to-customize recipe videos designed to enhance successful digital campaigns. Our trusted recipes are created by dietitians and chef-tested in the Health eCooks test kitchen.

Licensed recipes include an ingredient list that’s ready to customize for your brand. Best of all, when you license recipes from Baldwin Publishing, they’re easy to host on your website, blog, Facebook and Instagram digital platforms – or we can host them for you.

Roasted Beet Salad

Healthy Recipes

Tested and trusted recipes are created by registered dietitians and professional chefs.

  • Heart-healthy, diabetic, gluten-free and weight-loss recipes comply with American Medical Association dietary guidelines
  • How-to-cook videos and recipe videos for web and social media are short, entertaining and educational
  • Licensed recipe content is delicious, nutritious and family-friendly
  • Nutrition data for each recipe includes calories, fat, serving size and more


Easy to use Recipes

Use our API or hosted microsite to integrate licensed recipe content on your website, blog, app, Facebook and Instagram. Hosted microsites are the most popular content solution to manage our recipe database and feature:

  • Turn-key web integration
  • A user-friendly experience
  • Custom recipe templates
  • Hosted recipe search
  • Automated content discovery widgets featuring “Today’s Recipe”


Recipe Licensing Solutions

Licensed recipes drive the most online traffic and web engagement when content is updated daily, posted on multiple social media sites and deployed through email and content marketing campaigns. Baldwin Publishing offers these recipe content strategy tools:

  • Social media recipe planner filled with recipe content
  • Ready-to-post social media recipe videos in a fast-forward format
  • Automated recipe content discovery widgets
  • Digital cookbooks for lead generation
  • Recipes for newsletters


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